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Tubelight ThadheenGinathom

The serene nightlife of Madras was in direct contrast to the hustle bustle of the morning Madras. Animals and humans all retired into their homes and the street dogs had also called it a day and laying down on the relatively cool road stretching their hungry stomachs on the road.Crickets continued their non-synchronous chorus medleyContinue reading “Tubelight ThadheenGinathom”


Maruthi…Ippadi Pannitiye…

“This is truly magical!”, I exclaimed looking at the bottom of the bucket of water in amazement. My cousin, Ramu smiled triumphantly..!He took the massive ruby out of the water and held it in the air! I looked forlorn at my emerald languishing at the bottom of the bucket like a mashed potato!! “Lifeboy evvidamo,Continue reading “Maruthi…Ippadi Pannitiye…”